Kantavat rakenteet

Load-bearing structures

Lay your foundation on strong roofings

Load-bearing structures create safety and make your house strong and sturdy. Koskisen’s range of products includes roof trusses  which are suited for use as load-bearing structures in buildings. Our solutions have been tested and are suitable even for the most demanding uses. We also supply sawn timber, with which you can create other load-bearing structures on your own.

Roof trusses

Roof trusses are used in the roofs of many types of buildings. Koskisen’s factory-made roof trusses are manufactured from planed, strength-graded Finnish wood and they are expertly designed according to the customer's wishes. Due to the freight sensitive pricing, the roof trusses are only delivered to Southern Finland.


Finnish sawn softwood is stronger than fast-growing wood and thus suitable for the load-bearing structures of different kinds of spaces. Due to its dense grain, Koskisen’s sawn wood also has excellent moisture and thermotechnical properties.

Suitable products for this end use