KoskiFlex - used in pedant lamp

KoskiFlex - Thin and flexible birch plywood

KoskiFlex is strong and the most flexible birch plywood available today. Due to KoskiFlexe's unique properties it is suitable for intricate fancy designs, from wall elements to luxury packaging.


  • Flexible and bendy
  • Strong and durable
  • Joint free surface
  • Easy working properties
  • Easy to stain, wax and laquer
  • Good gluing properties
  • Water and heat resistant glue bond
  • Ecological

KoskiFlex is a strong, flexible birch plywood with a beautiful smooth surface. KoskiFlex is easily worked with all normal woodworking machines, artists tools and model making equipment. KoskiFlex is the ecological choice coming from sustained managed Finnish Forests.

End uses

  • Interior elements
  • Lamps, furniture
  • Souveniers and ornaments
  • Model making, toys
  • Giftcards, keycards, postcards
  • Gift and luxury packaging
  • Wine cases
  • Stickers and labels
Desk lamp made of Koskisen KoskiFlex plywood
Floor lamp made of Koskisen KoskiFlex plywood