KoskiFutura textured with plastic coating

KoskiFutura textured - Plywood with plastic coating

KoskiFutura textured - With a durable slip-resistant plastic coating

KoskiFutura textured is strong birch plywood coated with a slip-resistant plastic coating. The tough and elastic polypropylene surface maintains its original colour over the years even when exposed to changing weather conditions. The coating provides an easy to clean hygienic surface.

KoskiFutura textured features

  • decorative slip resistant surface
  • wear resistant surface
  • good colour stability (6-7 according to DIN 54004)
  • environmentally friendly product (does not contain any chlorine derivates)

Strong and rigid birch plywood combined with a tough slip resistant coating make KoskiFutura textured an ideal flooring material for the various needs of transport and construction industries. The elastic and durable coating protects the plywood against moisture penetration.

KoskiFutura textured applications

  • vehicle floors
  • terrace floors
  • sports hall and play ground facilites
  • fittings for kitchens, offices, shops and exhibitions
  • exterior and interior uses
KoskiFutura textured
KoskiFutura textured
KoskiFutura textured