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Personal Data Act (523/1999) §10

Date of preparation: 5 January 2018

1. Controller
Koskisen Group, Koskisen Oy (including Koskitukki Oy)
Tehdastie 2
Business ID: 02155815

Tel. 020 553 41

2. Person in charge of data file matters and/or contact person
Koskisen Oy, Marketing Department
Tel. 020 553 41

3. Name of data file
Koskisen Group’s (Koskisen Oy and Koskitukki Oy) customer register for online services (Koskisen, Koskitukki, Herrala, Committed to Wood, Kore).

4. Purpose of processing personal data
A customer’s personal data may be processed for the following purposes:
– customer relationship management and development
– customer service implementation
– customer service and business development
– marketing and communications
– market research and customer surveys
– management and development of the relationship between the online service user and the service provider
– maintenance of the online services and any services provided via these
– management of the internal and external activities of Koskisen Group or of its subcontractors in so far as they are related to Koskisen’s online services or to the services provided via these online services, or to the management of orders or customer contacts
– the production of information for use in the above-specified manner in marketing by Koskisen, in information acquisition, and in related tasks such as customer data profiling
– other similar purposes

Personal data may be processed in all Koskisen Group companies in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

5. Information included in the data file
The customer register may include the following information:
– contact details, such as name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, personal identity code when unique identification is mandatory for managing obligations
– sign-in information, such as user IDs, usernames, passwords and other possible unique identifiers
– information concerning the customer relationship, such as invoicing and payment information, product and order information, customer feedback, enquiries
– information related to implementing communications and marketing, and information related to using services, such as cookies and browser and search information
– areas of interest, requests
– possible permissions and consent
– other information collected with the customer’s consent

6. Regular sources of data
Customer data is regularly obtained:
– from the customer via the internet, over the phone, by email or by some other similar means
– through cookies or other similar technology
– from data collected by logging customer use of online services
– from units providing services, products and supplementary services related to Koskisen’s online services
– from units that provide logistic services such as billing, freighting, maintenance etc.

7. Regular disclosures of data and the transfer of data to countries outside the EU or the EEA
Personal data may be disclosed and transferred to Koskisen and its units or to its sales representatives and to other Koskisen Group companies, some of which are located outside the EU or the European Economic Area, to be used for the above-mentioned purposes. Servers used for the administration and maintenance of Koskisen’s online services may in some cases also be located outside the EU or the EEA.

8. File protection principles

Manually processed files
Documents containing manually processed personal data are destroyed appropriately after use or are stored in a locked facility.

Electronically saved data
The controller’s IT system and data files are protected using technical measures that are normally used in business operations. The data is also protected by Koskisen’s information security protocols and information processing security systems such as firewalls. Only those employees and subcontractors who have the right to process customer data for their work are entitled to access a system that contains customer data. All users have their own user ID and password to access the system. Databases and back-up copies thereof are located in locked facilities, and only certain pre-appointed persons have access to the data.

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