Bonding plywood

KoskiBond is a coated plywood panel, offering an innovative “easy to bond” solution.

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A strong bond


KoskiBond is made of Finnish birch plywood and is designed to provide excellent physical bonding properties for industrial adhesives and paints. One or both sides of the plywood board are coated with the customised surface, providing high bond strength for a wide range of adhesives and paints.

KoskiBond is an ideal material for solid glued constructions and components. The factory applied KoskiBond film makes gluing easy and fast. The smooth and hard wearing plywood surfaces are ready to use in both interior applications.

Advantages of KoskiBond plywood

  • excellent bonding properties e.g.  Polyurethane / Epoxy adhesive
  • high surface tension of the KoskiBond coating supports high adhesion values.
  • easy to  paint, suitable for many paint types
  • smooth surface. Slip resistant wire mesh pattern and other surface patterns are available upon request
  • easy to keep clean and easy to machine

KoskiBond plywood applications

  • trailer industry, e.g. solutions for bonded floor and wall constructions
  • bus building industry
  • railway carriage manufacturing
  • delivery vans e.g. solutions for bonded floors and linings
  • sandwich panel constructions


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