Magnificent interior design panel formed from a combination of plywood and special processed veneers

KoskiDecor BirchUp is a stunning, high-quality furniture board with great acoustic properties designed to meet the aesthetic demands of the interior design, architectural and furniture industries.

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Design panel with totally new decorative appearance for furniture and interior design

KoskiDecor BirchUp is manufactured from custom-made birch plywood and intermixed with special veneers to give a totally new decorative appearance and enhanced mechanical properties.

KoskiDecor BirchUp furniture board is a beautiful and inspiring product offering a wide range of possibilities in a multitude of applications. The unique appearance of the KoskiDecor BirchUp design panel is shown to its best effect in furniture, large public spaces and interior design materials. KoskiDecor BirchUp furniture board can be used in the manufacture of tables and chairs and other furniture. Shop fittings and business counters are other applications where the product can successfully be used. Because of the panel’s beautiful appearance and good acoustic properties KoskiDecor BirchUp can be used to create luxurious details in furniture and public buildings.

Choose natural appearance or play with colours

KoskiDecor BirchUp laminated design panel is a durable and strong material which is easy to cut and machine with normal woodworking tools. KoskiDecor BirchUp furniture board can also be oiled, waxed or lacquered like any other wood surface. Face veneers are available in several inspiring colours.

Birch plywood is an eco-friendly and renewable material for interior design industry

KoskiDecor BirchUp has been developed specially for the interior design and furniture industry. Manufactured from a natural and renewable material birch, it is an eco-friendly and sustainable material for public spaces, interior design, furniture, shop fittings and counter desks. All KoskiDecor BirchUp panels are manufactured from birch which is procured from certified forests.

Advantages of the KoskiDecor BirchUp design panel

  • high quality, strong and durable panel
  • the beautiful appearance of birch offers many end use possibilities
  • original, impressive plywood edges, light and dark glueline versions available
  • easy to machine using conventional woodworking tools
  • good acoustic properties
  • environmentally friendly product
  • face veneers available in several colours


KoskiDecor BirchUp furniture board applications

  • public spaces
  • interior design (good acoustic properties) and other public buildings
  • tables, chairs, benches and other furniture
  • shop fittings
  • office fittings
  • counter desks


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