Birch plywood panel for the vehicle industry with a unique coating

KoskiFloor Safety is an innovative new flooring panel for the vehicle industry with a high friction value to help prevent movement of the load during transport.

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Coated birch plywood with a high friction value secures the load

KoskiFloor Safety is a strong and innovative birch plywood panel for floors where a solution with both abrasion resistance and a high friction value is needed. The special coating of KoskiFloor Safety is designed especially for the demanding requirements of the transport industry and provides a very high friction value which helps to keep the load stable during transport.

Birch plywood panel replaces disposable rubber mats during transport

KoskiFloor Safety’s key benefit is the special PU coating which is both slip resistant and durable. It removes the need for separate, often disposable, rubber matting when loading and unloading.  It saves time, money, is environmentally friendly and improves safety.

KoskiFloor safety birch plywood represents your brand

KoskiFloor Safety plywood panel is available in black as standard. Other colours are available upon request. Floors made from KoskiFloor Safety birch plywood are a great representative of your brand since the coating is available embossed with your company’s logo.

Birch plywood is an eco-friendly and renewable material for the vehicle industry

KoskiFloor Safety birch plywood has been developed especially for demanding applications in the transport industry. Manufactured from a natural and renewable material birch, it is an eco-friendly and sustainable flooring material for semi-trailers.

KoskiFloor Safety birch plywood features

  • High load bearing capacity
  • High friction value > 0,6, according to DIN EN 12195-1, VDI 2700 part 14
  • Slip resistant surface
  • Saves time and money when loading and unloading
  • Ecological choice instead of disposable rubber matting
  • Improves driver’s safety when loading and unloading
  • Available embossed with customer’s logo
  • Good mechanical and chemical properties
  • Eco-friendly and renewable material

KoskiFloor Safety birch plywood applications

  • Trailers’ floors
  • Floors which need high abrasion value


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