Melamine coated chipboard

KoskiKant is a Finnish melamine coated, board edge-banded furniture board for body components, shelves and doors.

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Furniture chipboard


KoskiKant products are melamine coated boards in grades P2 and P5 for the furniture industry. KoskiKant products are classified as the best M1finishing materials.

The KoskiKant board length is 2750 mm with two long sides edge banded. The board is also available with 1-4 sides edge banded. The standard colour is white. The standard pattern surface is smooth for body and shelf boards and crystal for door boards. We also do edge banding for boards with customized measurements or other melamine colours.

Advantages of KoskiKant furniture chipboard

  • finished, coated surface
  • edge banded sides
  • easy and quick to install
  • easy to keep clean
  • constant board strength in every direction
  • environmentally friendly


KoskiKant furniture chipboard applications

  • body components
  • shelves
  • doors
  • covering boards



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