Specially glued rotary plywood for die makers

KoskiLaser Rotary is a smooth faced rotary plywood specially glued for rotary laser cutting.

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Smooth faced rotary shell specially glued for die makers

KoskiLaser Rotary is made from birch or beech veneers and is produced with Scandinavian technology and know-how. The stability and quality of the shells is achieved through the combination of new gluing technology and accurate production skills. In addition, carefully selected veneers ensure a uniform thickness and provide for stable laser cutting.

The laser cutting time can be reduced when using birch shells and assembly of the shells is both faster and easier. Its surface quality and stunning outlook makes KoskiLaser Rotary a great representative of your brand and you are also able to choose a colour to match your corporate identity.

Rotary shells available in several colours

Rotary shells are available in wide selection of striking RAL colours. In addition to our range of standard colours, you can also choose a colour to match your corporate identity. Upon request KoskiLaser Rotary shells are also available without a coating. The RAL colours leave the wood grain visible and display the natural beauty and quality of the rotary cut birch veneer. The coating on the face of the shell provides a clean, smooth surface which allows the easy and strong gluing of rubbers. With our eco colour you can also save glue.

Accurate and reliable quality control

Production is closely and carefully monitored throughout every step. The rotary shells are measured immediately after pressing, again after cooling and measured for the third time just before packaging.

KoskiLaser rotary products available

KoskiLaser Rotary – made from birch veneers
KoskiLaser Rotary BF – core made from birch and faces from beech
KoskiLaser Rotary Eco – made from birch veneers, surface coloured according to customer’s wishes

Advantages of KoskiLaser Rotary plywood

  • stability
  • fast laser cutting
  • short face grain with good knife holding properties
  • hygienic and easy to clean
  • smooth translucent surface in custom colours
  • good base for gluing rubbers
  • low emission during cutting with the laser



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