Standard chipboard

KoskiPan is an uncoated standard chipboard. The boards can be used to create a range of durable practical structures rapidly and inexpensively.

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Standard chipboard for floors, ceilings, fixtures and more


KoskiPan is an uncoated standard chipboard. The boards can be sawn, drilled and cut with any conventional woodworking tools.

The strength grades of KoskiPan chipboard are P1, P2, P4, P5 and P6. The uniform compact surface provides an excellent base for different types of coatings.

Advantages of KoskiPan standard chipboard

  • standard board for multiple uses
  • easy to work with
  • wide range of sizes
  • light surface colour
  • constant board strength in every direction
  • good sound-insulating properties
  • environmentally friendly

KoskiPan chipboard applications

  • floors, internal walls and ceilings
  • fixtures
  • kitchens and bathrooms
  • laminate worktops
  • doors and panels
  • exhibition, shop and other special furniture
  • P5 quality for dry places outdoors


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