KoskiPly CLW

Unbelievably strong compressed laminated wood

KoskiPly CLW is manfacture to comply with standard EN 61061

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Unbelievably strong compressed laminated wood

KoskiPly CLW is extremely suitable for applications such as punching dies, threaded  bar nuts and scraper conveyor parts which require structural integrity and bending strength. KoskiPly CLW has good weight to strength ratio. It has also low moisture content and that for KoskiPly  CLW stands against corrosion greatly. It has also good chemical resistance.

The temperature range of KoskiPly CLW is from -196°C up to +95°C.

Advantages of KoskiPly CLW plywood

  • cost-effective  material
  • homogeneous, consistent and light surface y
  • excellent bending strength
  • strong and light plywood for a multitude of applications
  • easy machining and surface treatment
  • taint and odour free
  • environmentally friendly
  • good alternative to traditional aluminium panels




End uses for KoskiPly CLW

  • sport equipment
  • molds
  • wear plates
  • bushings, bearings
  • wood processing machines
  • conveyor belt supports
  • antinoise gears
  • thermal insulating in cryogenic applications
  • tank supports
  • ballistic applications


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