Decorative birch plywood is an ideal material for furniture and panelling

KoskiPly eco transparent is decorative and coloured birch plywood with a transparent overlay. It is a perfect choice for design furniture and panelling, as well as joinery products. Its superior qualities give you the freedom to design.

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Furniture plywood available in several colours gives you the freedom to design

KoskiPly eco transparent is a perfect choice for furniture makers and designers due it’s wide selection of bright and inspiring colours. The RAL colours and transparent melamine coating leave the wood grain visible to show the natural and unique beauty of the plywood. Original and impressive plywood edges give a special touch to any design made from KoskiPly eco transparent birch plywood.

Improved face and core veneers make the birch plywood easy to machine with a CNC and cut with a laser or waterjet

KoskiPly eco transparent birch plywood is made from Nordic birch with improved face and core veneers. These improved veneers showcase the beauty of rotary cut birch.

Because of its consistent quality, the plywood board is easy to machine using conventional woodworking tools. In addition, non-toxic KoskiPly eco transparent plywood can be safely cut with a CNC, a laser or waterjet. Therefore, you can focus on designing and creating interesting details.

The Birch plywood panel is safe for both people and animals, it also fulfils the requirements of EN 71-3 safety requirements for toys.

Durable melamine overlay improves the plywood’s surface performance

KoskiPly eco transparent is a furniture plywood with a durable transparent melamine film. The melamine film ensures high-quality surfaces and provides a smooth finish. Strong and resistant, the coating makes the plywood board both durable and hardwearing.


About Koskisen

The customer-oriented service of Koskisen thin plywood products starts in the forest. We take our customers’ special requirements regarding the quality of the product into account when the wood is being procured. Koskisen Thin Plywood Industry has delivered the best Finnish birch to the furniture and joinery industries for decades. Our long experience and versatility guarantees our customers the right products at the right time.

Advantages of KoskiPly eco transparent furniture plywood panel

  • coloured smooth surface with improved, hardwearing properties
  • available in standard colours: white 9001 / blue 5010 / dark gray 7030 / light gray 7001 / light blue 5024 and in special colours leaving the wood grain visible
  • original, impressive plywood edges
  • suitable for children equipment and toys
  • easy to machine using conventional woodworking tools
  • environmentally friendly product, taint and odour free

End uses for KoskiPly eco transparent furniture plywood

  • furniture such as tables, chairs and shelves
  • joinery products
  • interior cladding
  • jewellery, toys, cards and other small items cut with a laser or waterjet


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