Extremely stable plywood platform for die cutting made from ultra-thin birch veneers

KoskiPly laser is a dimensionally stable and flat plywood board for die cutting and gives a long service life.

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Dimensionally stable and flat plywood board is a perfect choice for die cutting

KoskiPly laser plywood panels are very stable in all three dimensions and have very tight tolerances. Yet, they are easy to laser cut. The thin layers also give additional benefits for embossing applications. Because of the product’s veneer structure, it is a superior product for demanding applications such as label dies.

Strong birch plywood offers a great platform for steel counter plates and knives

KoskiPly laser is a perfect partner for steel counter plates. Strong and homogenous specially processed birch is a great platform for keeping the knives of the die cutting board firmly in place.

Thin veneer construction ensures a long service life in die cutting

KoskiPly laser plywood is birch throughout with a special ultra-thin veneer structure which helps it to maintain the required dimensional accuracy throughout long series of die-cutting.

KoskiPly laser has been developed in cooperation with professional die-makers and is made of a renewable material, wood. The plywood panels can be coated with hard durable overlays such as films, plastics or laminates. The standard coating is silver laminate. Thanks to the laminate coating, the plywood panels is easy to keep clean. On request the plywood panels can be supplied without a coating.


About Koskisen

The customer-oriented service of Koskisen thin plywood products starts in the forest. We take our customers’ special requirements regarding the quality of the product into account when the wood is being procured. Koskisen Thin Plywood Industry has delivered the best Finnish birch to the furniture and joinery industries for decades. Our long experience and versatility guarantees our customers the right products at the right time.

Advantages of KoskiPly laser plywood panel

  • dimensionally stable and flat board
  • long, continuous runs
  • long service life due to the thin veneer construction
  • smooth and hard surface
  • hygienic and easy to clean surface


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