A chipboard tailored to the needs of professionals

KoskiPro boards are products developed in co-operation with our customers to respond to their needs as accurately as possible.

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Finnish chipboard coated to suit your needs

KoskiPro products are individually tailored specialty boards. The board can be coated with various painting paper coatings, or laminate or phenol film. The coated surface can be smooth, grooved or slip resistant, with a friction surface.

A number of parameters can be varied according to the end-use specifications, including the size, thickness, structure, strength and surface quality of the board, and various coating options are available.

We develop special solutions according to your specifications. Our professional staff will help you find what you need in all situations.

Chipboard is a durable and easy-to-machine choice

Koskisen chipboard products are easy to machine. They can be sawn, drilled and cut using any conventional woodworking tools. They are also a durable option for any structure, thanks to their constant strength in every direction. Unlike other wooden boards, chipboard expands and contracts very little, which means structures made of chipboard will remain even, year after year. In addition, the board’s resilient structure makes it a long-term solution for any application.

Clean chipboard won’t damage saw blades

KoskiPro chipboard is made in Järvelä, home to the only chipboard mill in Finland, by professionals who ensure a high-quality end product using clean raw materials. Sawmilling industry wood by-products account for 90% of the content of all the boards. Sand and other heavy impurities are efficiently removed from the raw material before the chipboard is produced, guaranteeing a board that is clean and consistent in quality. The boards can be sawn, drilled and cut using any conventional woodworking tools, as high-quality chipboard is easy to machine and won’t damage saw blades. Blades that are in good condition cut board better and bring savings in equipment maintenance.

Advantages of KoskiPro floor chipboard

  • the quality of the board precisely matches the end user’s needs
  • broad range of dimensions reduces waste material
  • low-cost solution for several special applications
  • environmentally friendly

KoskiPro floor chipboard applications

  • special flooring
  • table tops
  • bed slats
  • bowling alleys
  • loudspeakers
  • door cores
  • furniture
  • partition wall elements
  • shelves
  • furniture
  • ceiling panels
  • storerooms
  • casting moulds
  • non-slip surfaces


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