Baukind is the perfect match for a playful and creative design using natural materials, like Koskisen decorative birch plywood.

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Baukind design offers children space for discovery and creativity using plywood


Baukind is a team composed of 8 architects and product designers specialised in architecture for children. The company has already offered complete solutions for 60 kindergartens and participated in the interior design of over 300 children facilities all over Germany, Switzerland and recently in China.  We had the chance to discuss the company’s concept with Nathalie Dziobek-Bepler, one of the two founders , who emphasised straight away their dedication to children and their passion in designing playful, colourful children’s environments.  In their designs, the team combines everyday convenience, spatial implementation of an educational idea and new solutions of aesthetic design in connection with the regulations and standards surrounding the area of ​​kit building. Nathalie emphasises that there is always a concept behind the realisation. For instance, fairy tales are a recurrent idea. Or, another form of concept could be the inspiration of the surroundings. In the Kita CompanyKids HafenCity in Hamburg for example, the idea was to use the shipping containers’ colour range to remind of the harbour and the water.

The results are very rewarding. Parents and school staffs are thrilled seeing the children develop important features like spatiality, creativity and social development through where they are and what they do. Baukind design encourages the children in everyday life, stimulates social interaction and offers space for discovery and play – spaces where children grow and we can clearly feel the achievement of these goals in the end-uses pictures.

Let’s not forget the adults! Parents are proud to be part of it and feel very comfortable dropping their children in the Kitas. The design is also for the adults. People like to be around, simply.

Koskisen plywood is solid, as well as its woodworking is easy.

Nathalie Dziobek-Bepler

We asked Nathalie why they decided to use KoskiDecor Eco Transparent birch plywood in many of their projects:

“We simply love the colours, they perfectly fit the design”, and adds that having the wood grain visible through the colour is a real asset as it allows an understanding of the nature of the material: wood. This is something that the team want to emphasise to the children, that the use of natural material is beneficial.

“Additionally, Koskisen plywood is solid, as well as its woodworking is easy”, notes Nathalie.

Usually, the process is that Baukind suggests a design and discusses with carpenters about its feasibility, knowing that the woodwork is measured and manufactured down to 1mm. This precision is crucial as the design sometimes gets challenging. The usual process is that 80-90% of the components are prefabricated and then carpenters spend a few days onsite.

To learn more about Baukind design, please visit their website.

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