Blumenhaus offers education and work for people with mental, physical or multiple handicaps. The institution’s new building is filled with bright KoskiDecor Eco Transparent colours which match optimally their colour concept.

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Blumenhaus: the home of life


Founded in 1942 in a flower-filled farmhouse for a few children, Blumenhaus is now supporting to more than 100 people of all ages.

Located in the heart of the Swiss countryside and with a great panoramic view on its surroundings, the Blumenhaus has great arguments to give when it comes to wellbeing and peacefulness. The personnel’s knowledge and experience allow pensioners to find a life as independent and self-assured as possible and make this place a home of life.

WWB Architekten AG deciced to use KoskiDecor eco transparent plywood because of its visible layered edges, surface resistance and diverse colour collection.

During the summer, the institution opened a new building thanks to the contribution of many donors, able to host 29 more people. The brand new dormitory has been designed by architects WWB Architekten AG, who wished to use only natural and commercially available materials. The architects decided to use Koskisen’s decorative plywood, Koskidecor Eco Transparent, in many different ways and colours throughout the building.

According to Ueli Blaser and Martin Frei, WWB Architekten AG, they chose KoskiDecor Eco Transparent for the carpentry work because of:

  • the edges, displaying the layered veneers
  • the impact resistance of the surface
  • the diverse colour collection, which could be matched optimally with their colour concept

With its façade of bricks, the building fits perfectly into the traditional architecture of the area. Inside, the spaces are bright, spacious and well appointed; they are decorated in restful colours using our Koskidecor Eco Transparent products. The result shows some of the many different end-uses achievable with Koskisen’s decorative birch plywood products and provides a joyful atmosphere.

If you want to know more about Blumenhaus, please visit the homepage.

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