Jaanus Orgusaar’s design lamps are inspired by nature and reveal the beautiful appearance of Finnish birch.

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Design lamps made from thin plywood are inspired by nature


Jaanus Orgusaar is a designer who goes straight to the primal source – his work is inspired by nature’s geometry, which makes his objects clearly distinguishable. His trademark is the construction of three-dimensional objects from two-dimensional sheet materials through the use of inventive patterns. As a passionate experimenter he plays with structures resulting in surprising design and architectural objects.

Jaanus uses almost exclusively plywood to work with, because it is one of the best suited materials for creating 3D forms from a thin sheet, it also keeps the qualities and warmth of the wood’s appearance. This way of working, which he developed earlier as a fashion and shoe designer, is definitely his signature: Creating clever constructions and cuts that can be bent and combined into sculptural forms.

Aircraft plywood’s best quality is that it is strong and flexible at the same time, and bends without breaking“, says Jaanus.

We appreciate the high quality of Koskisen’s material and its natural touch, its strength and resistance.

Jaanus Orgusaar

Jaanus decided to use KoskiPly thin plywood to design and manufacture his lamps, as it is thin yet strong, fragile looking but rigid and with a warm wood feeling. Also, the sheet format enables modern technological constructions and CNC cutting, which gives an effective use of the material.

“This is why the office is collaborating with Koskisen. We appreciate the high quality of Koskisen’s material and its natural touch, its strength and resistance. After testing different thicknesses of thin plywood, we realised that 1.5mm was the perfect fit for this design. It is strong enough to endure the lamps own weight without bending through,” comments Jaanus.

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