Our business operations are directly linked to the forest. That is why we have a special reason to take care of our environment.





The Koskisen’s products are produced from a renewable material, wood. Wood is an organic material that is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Our aim is to maintain the sustainability of our forests and their management.

Koskisen has been granted PEFC COC (chain of custody) and FSC®* certification. These certifications ensure that all timber is harvested from sustainably managed forests and that this is done in accordance with Finnish law and other regulations. All the raw materials we use are also inspected to ensure compliance with our own environmental policy. Raw materials are not purchased from illegal sources (more below).

All the materials from the harvested tree are used. Logs are sawn or peeled for veneers, small logs are sold to fibreboard or paper mills. We also utilise the branches, roots and other residues as biofuel. 98% of our thermal biopower requirements are fulfilled by our own biofuels. We also make sure that the harvested areas are always re-planted in accordance with the regulations. Every year we ourselves plant over a million genetically correct seedlings to ensure that the forests remain where they are.

Sustainable overall development

One of our main goals is to be foremost in international environmental standards and to obey the principles of sustainable forestry. We evaluate our operations, raw-materials and products continuously to ensure sustainability from forest to customer. Koskisen has been the forerunner in the Finnish forest industry when it comes to taking care of environmental matters and Koskisen has also been recognised for its actions. In 1997 Koskisen was the first Finnish mechanical wood industry company to be granted an ISO 14001-Certificate in recognition of our environmentally friendly operations. In 1995 we were granted an ISO 9001 Quality Certificate with a OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety certificate following in 2001.

Fewer waste and emissions

We handle the recycling and re-use of the waste generated in our production. We constantly monitor the amount of waste generated and take actions to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. To demonstrate this, we are included in the Ministry of the Environment’s sustainable development challenge, Sitoumus 2050.

Koskisen Oy, sitoumus2050.fi

Our large investments in energy production and minimising its emissions have had a huge effect on the company’s total emissions. Thanks to Koskisen’s own bio power plant, the amount of thermal energy derived from biofuel that Koskisen uses has grown during the 21st century from 74 percent to over 90 percent.

Most of our products and packaging materials are recyclable. We also take care of the environmental friendliness of our products and are at the front line in implementing international treaties. Koskisen PF based plywood products from Hirvensalmi and Järvelä have been granted exempt status by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). California Executive Order N-17-172 exempts Koskisen Oy’s plywood from third party certification of formaldehyde emissions due to the use of an ultra-low-emitting formaldehyde (ULEF) resin to bond the panels. ULEF exempt status means that Koskisen plywood panels consistently meet the requirements of CARB Phase 2, which are some of the strictest formaldehyde emission standards in the world.


Controversial sources

  1. Illegal logging
  2. Logging that violate indigenous peoples’ rights or other human rights
  3. Forests where environmental values have been threatened or destroyed
  4. Natural forests that have been transformed into plantation forests
  5. Forests containing genetically modified trees


*FSC logo license: FSC® 116522

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